A year ago….

A year ago life looked very different.  We were a family of four, preparing for what we thought was a long awaited adoption process.  On February 28th of last year we celebrated our last day of the Month of Love. I actually just reread the story on this blog to refresh my memory of the day’s events.  Its amazing how quickly we forget.  Ok, back to my story…it was the last day of the MOL.  I just put Jax and Halle to bed for a nap and walked downstairs to grab my phone (not for anything important but probably to look at Facebook or check my email).  As I walked over to our table my phone literally flew out of my hand.  I laughed out loud and thought that was God’s way of telling me “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN” and pray.  I did just that.  I prayed for my husband and children and then prayed for our adoption journey.  We had submitted our name as a potential family for a birth mom who was expecting at the end of April and heard nothing, but she was constantly on my mind.  After I finished praying I started folding laundry when my phone rang.  It was an unavailable number, which I normally would not answer, but something (God) told me to.  I heard our adoption caseworker’s voice on the other end and my heart started racing.  And….as they say, the rest is history.  🙂  We had been chosen by a birth mom who was pregnant with a baby boy due at the end of April (remember, it’s February 28th), we met her 3 days later on a Monday where she officially chose us, she went into labor 4 days later, Grant was born 4 days after that, he spent 10 days in the NICU, we came home and five days later he was admitted into the PICU for a week, then oxygen for 5 months, multiple doctors visits every week and VERY little sleep.

All of that and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Grant was born a very sick little guy, but he was and still is a fighter.  He has spent the past 11 months and 3 weeks of his life fighting for strength with an unprecedented amount of bravery and courage. He may be small but he is mighty, for sure.

At six months of age, and oxygen-free, we celebrated with family and friends as Grant officially became a Krug….although he was one long before.  Grant’s court hearing was a beautiful representation of the ending of our adoption journey and the beginning of the rest of our lives.  The age of six months was also a turning point for Grant’s health.  He started gaining weight consistently and appointments with specialists were stretching farther and farther apart.  Now, almost six months later, we are the parents of a healthy, happy, loving and energetic almost-one-year old!  Where did the time go?  I am thankful to God that we have moved into this stage of health.  Grant still goes to occupational therapy but last week he graduated from once a week to every-other-week.  God is good and He continues to strengthen our sweet boy.

Grant has brought our family more happiness than we ever knew possible.  Jackson and Halle love and protect him and love his absolute infatuation with them.  They spend their time entertaining Grant and helping him.  Grant completes our family and it all started exactly one year ago, on the last day of the Month of Love.  We spent an entire month talking about God’s love, sharing God’s love with others and reciting bible verses about God’s love.  And on that last day of the month, we received one of God’s greatest expressions of love and began a journey that we will forever thank God for.


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