Life as a family of 5…

Hi Family and Friends,

Well, this update is probably long overdue, but we’ve all been busy adjusting to our new normal.  I can’t believe we are a family of five!!!  It seems like just yesterday Jackson was born and now we’re three kids in to this wonderful life.  

For those of you who unaware, Grant was discharged from the NICU at 10 days old.  The doctors and nurses were simply astonished at how quickly he was able to recover, given his condition at birth and his prematurity.  He is such a strong little guy.  In fact, Grant means great and strong.  Grant’s discharge day was a day that I dreaded since beginning this whole adoption journey.  I knew that day would be one of the most difficult of my life….and I was right.  Word cannot express the depth and range of emotions of that day. Grant’s birth mom was there as was her father.  I think everyone is glad the anticipation of that day, and the day itself, is over.  So, we’ve been home for just over a week and have been enjoying getting to know our sweet little man in the comfort of our own home.  For an infant, Grant is fairly laid back, a great eater, cries when he is hungry or has a dirty diaper, is easy to comfort, loves taking a bath, whines when he wants to be snuggled and is pretty much perfect!  He even looks like a Krug!!!  Jackson and Halle LOVE having a baby brother.  Halle just stand over him and says “oooooohhhhhhh” in a sweet, nurturing voice, over and over again.  Jackson shakes his tushy at Grant in the hopes that someday soon he’ll laugh.  We keep telling Jackson that it’ll be a while before Grant laughs, but that doesn’t keep Jackson from trying.  I love his determination!!!  Mark and I are doing great.  We really do make a great team and it’s times like these that I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a husband like him.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s next in this whole adoption journey!!  Right now we are in a bit of a holding pattern as far as an finalization of court documents goes.  In order to be in a place where neither birth mom or birth father can no longer change their minds, we need two things.  1) Signed paperwork from birth mom and 2) signed paperwork from birth father.  Right now we are waiting on the signed paperwork from the birth father and unfortunately nothing can be final until that happens.  The birth father was served with papers about 10 days ago and can do one of three things…..he can contest (which no one thinks he will do), he can admit to paternity and sign and return papers or he can jut wait for his 21 day window to elapse and then his rights are revoked by default.  Unfortunately, it’s looking like we’ll have to wait the 21 days.  I’ve had some moments of frustration about this and done a bit of birth father bashing, but felt humbled recently about my perception and judgement of the birth father.  I know nothing about him.  I don’t know the in’s and out’s of his relationship with birth mom.  I don’t know his story.  I don’t know his background.  So, who am I to judge him at a time like this.  I’ve chosen to give him grace which I truly believe he deserves.  I never knew I had as much grace as I do, but God continues to bless me with more.  While I’d love for the birth father to sign and return his paperwork, I trust in God that His timing is perfect.  And I choose to give grace and show the love of Christ to everyone, including Grant’s birth father.  Let’s be honest….without him we wouldn’t have our sweet boy and I cannot imagine life without him at this point.  He is a blessing!!!!  The good news is that the birth fathers 21 day window expires next Friday!  On Friday, April 11th our paperwork will be filed in the courts and both parents’ rights will be terminated.  So, next Friday will be an important day in Grant’s story. Then, we’ll wait until September 11th (when Grant is 6 months old) and Grant will no longer be in just our physical custody, but he will officially become a KRUG!!!!  On that day, or near that day, we will appear in court with him and his name will officially be changed.  Another monumental day on the horizon for Grant and our entire family.

Thank you all for your continued well-wishes, thoughts and prayers.  Please keep the prayers coming as we still have some hurdles to jump.  And, if you would, add the birth father to your prayers…that he finds peace (if he does not have any) in his loss of rights and peace in knowing that we are giving Grant the best life we can!

Love to you all!

Stephanie and Mark




4 thoughts on “Life as a family of 5…

  1. This brought tears to my eyes and I am so happy for your family. You truly gave this baby the life he deserves and I am so happy that you gave him a wonderful life with you!

  2. I have enjoyed watching your beautiful story unfold. Congratulations to you and your family! Prayers continue to come your way from us.

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