God is Good….



Hi Family and Friends,

It’s about time for a quick update and today is such a happy one!  Our little man, Grant, is doing awesome.  I think he has really turned a corner and just seems to be feeling better.  Two days ago he began eating 9cc’s and today he is up to 40.  They put in a feeding tube about a day and a half ago in order to help with the feedings in case Grant got too tired, but he’s only needed it once.  

I lucked out this morning and was there for the doctor and the occupational therapist.  The doctor was so positive about how far he has come. She stopped the photo therapy treatment and is confident we’ll get to take the feeding tube out any day now, since he really hasn’t had to use it.  He is pretty much eating as much as any formula-fed newborn eats all on his own.  He’s kind of a rock star!!!  He also got his first bath yesterday…he’s fresh and clean.  Finally, the most exciting part of the doctors visit was her news that she thought he would get to go home in the next week or less.  We cannot wait to get our sweet Grant home!!!  The occupational therapist was also very impressed with how well Grant is eating and the gains that he has made since his first feed on Thursday.

Such a happy morning!  This weekend Halle and Jackson also got to meet their baby brother and that went awesome!  Jackson was the sweet and responsible big brother who was shushing even mommy and daddy while Halle was just shouting “baby brudder!!!!”  Grant is so loved!

Thanks for all the prayers.  Keep them coming please.




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