Baby Steps…..

Hi family and friends,
Well, the past 5 days have been an absolute whirlwind.  Mark and I have experienced more emotions in the last five days than we have probably experienced ever.
Without being too terribly wordy, here’s what is going on in a nutshell (sort of).  Last Monday we met with our birth mom and she chose us at that meeting, meaning it was a “match”. Her due date was April 21st so we planned to use the next 6 weeks to get to know each other.  However, we were reminded that we have no control and it is His will and His timing, not ours.  5 days after meeting our birth mom, on Friday, her water broke.  Dr’s were able to keep her pregnant for just over 48 hours while they waited for a steroid shot to help our sweet boys lungs develop.  On Monday they began to induce and our little man was born (FINALLY) on Tuesday, March 11th at 3:25pm.  5lbs, 10 oz and 18 3/4 inches of pure cuteness!!! He had a pretty traumatic entry into this world and was rushed to the NICU where he’s been recooperating.  He started off on oxygen and then put on a ventilator.  He also had really low tone, meaning no major reflexes.  Poor guy was just soooo tired!!  After several hours on the ventilator, the nurses were able to begin slowly dialing it down….until yesterday morning when the tube was removed from his throat.  He has been breathing on his own ever since.  The nurse even got a cannula (oxygen through little tubes in the nose) ready for him, but he showed us all how strong he was and that he did NOT need a cannula.  Our little superman!!!  
So, now we wait on our little man to get stronger, gain weight, eat well, etc.  When he starts doing all of those things well, we should be able to bring him home.  Have I mentioned how stinkin’ cute he is.  He is absolutely perfect.  Button nose, smoochable lips, chubby little cheeks….he’s the whole package.  🙂
This experience has been challenging, sad, happy, frustrating, upsetting, exciting and so much more.  But, as much as we are feeling, I cannot imagine the turmoil that our birth mom is in.  She is probably making the most difficult decision of her life and that should not be taken lightly.  Please pray for her during this time.  Our intention was to get to know each other over the next 6 weeks, but we did not get that time so we are making do with what we have.  She was discharged about an hour ago and Mark and I were able to walk her and her dad out.  Lots of hugs, no tears.  Everyone was in a good place. One step at time….that’s what our caseworker keeps saying.  
Well, we are off to love on our little one…who, by the way, has had his first two bottles (successfully!!) today.ImageImageImageImageImageImage  Thank you for the prayers…we really need them.  ;-). Truly, none of this would be possible without God’s grace. We will continue to fix our eyes on Him.
 Love to you all!!!!!


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