February 28th….

Hi Family and Friends,

For those of you who have been following any of our posts on Facebook, you know that February was the Month of Love in our house. We spent the entire month talking about and showing examples of God’s unconditional love for us.  Our goal was to love well and to love like Jesus did.  It was an awesome month!   We memorized four bible verses about God’s love, Jackson taught Halle how to pray at dinner (sweetest moment EVER), we did projects about love, everyone got their own Month of Love (favorite) meal, the kids found special treats hidden around the house for them, we made dinner for others, we baked special goodies for others, we left treats for the garbage man, and so much more.  It was truly a month filled with God’s love and my hope is that it can continue, in small bits, through the rest of the year.  

So, February 28th, the last day of the Month of Love…..I had just gotten all three kids (my two + a friend’s) in their rooms for nap/ quiet time.  I grabbed my phone and began to walk downstairs when my phone flew out of my hand.  I actually laughed out loud because it was as though I threw it, but really I’d just lost my grip and it went a’ flyin’.  I took this as a cue from God to, literally, put my phone down and PRAY.  This is something that I am constantly working on.  When a get a quite moment, it is like a habit to reach for my phone when I really should be taking advantage of the quiet to pray.  So I prayed.  I prayed for Mark and then my kids and then I prayed for the birth mom that our profile book was being shown to.  When I finished praying I began to watch HGTV while folding laundry (ps- I hate folding laundry!!!).  About 10 minutes later I had a call coming in from an unavailable number. Usually, I’d ignore it but something told me to answer it.  I did and immediately recognized our case workers voice on the other end.  I’ll cut to the chase…the birth mom we’d been praying for had chosen our profile book and she wanted to meet us.  I immediately cried and began to shake.  It was a surreal moment to say the least.  We arranged a time to meet, Monday, March 3rd.  This last weekend was an interesting roller coaster of emotions as we anticipated this meeting.  Our case worker warned us that this birth mom would most likely not be comfortable making a decision at this meeting and would probably take some time to process.  She asked us if that was okay and we said absolutely.  A decision of this magnitude should not be taken lightly.  And we also had to make sure we felt like this was a good match too.  

Well, we met yesterday and the meeting couldn’t have gone better if we scripted it ourselves.  Mark put it best when he said that there have only been a few times in his life where he’s truly felt the presence of God….and this was one of them.  I concurred.  It was a beautiful thing to see how God was shaping our hearts and lives to be in this exact situation with this exact birth mom.  It’s been part of His plan all along.  So, after almost two hours of meeting, the birth mom told us that she felt such a connection with us and that she was ready to move forward WITH US!!!!  If all goes well we will be welcoming a sweet baby boy into our family in about 6 weeks.  

February 28th, the last day of the Month of Love in the Krug house and we get a call that leads to us welcoming a tiny life into our home and into our hearts to LOVE like our own….and we said YES.  One of the greatest displays of God’s love I’ve ever experienced. Was God working overtime in our hearts all month long, preparing us for this grand finale???  I think so.  

Mark and I have found ourselves speechless at times.  We can’t believe this is really happening, but it also feels so right.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary though.  We’ve never done this before and neither has our birth mom.  We decided that we would just put one foot in front of the other, trust in God, and the rest will just fall into place.  Seems easy enough, right????  🙂  At this point we need all the prayers we can get!!!  Prayers for peace, prayers for all feelings of fear to disappear, prayers for our birth mom that she continues to find peace in her decision, prayers for our son’s health and well-being, prayers for our family in preparing for another addition, prayers for Jackson and Halle that they deal with this news and transition with open hearts…..  Sorry, that’s a lot of prayer requests already so I’ll stop there.  🙂  

Thanks to you all for your love and support.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without it.  

We love you,

Stephanie and Mark


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