In God’s time…

Well, today we received another profile showing notification from our adoption agency.  I think I explained what that is in the last post, but it is basically when a birth mom and her situation falls slightly outside the parameters we set early on in this process.  The agency requires our permission to show our profile book to the birth mom.  Although, to be clear, this isn’t always the case….if a birth mom falls within our parameters then our profile is shown without our knowing.  Anyways, after praying through this situation today, we’ve decided to have our profile shown to this birth mom.  To both of our surprise, we are incredibly at peace with our decision to have our profile shown, regardless of the fact that with (any) adoption there are so many unknowns.  But we are finding peace in God, knowing that there are no unknowns with Him. Our profile is being shown on Friday to the birth mom.  If you would join us in praying for this birth mom, we would really appreciate it.  We are not praying for her to pick us, but instead praying for her to pick the family that is the best fit for her sweet baby boy.  What an incredibly daunting task she has in front of her, but I hope she has peace in knowing that whomever she chooses will give her son a loving and safe home.  I feel a lump forming in the back of my throat just thinking about what a brave and selfless act it is to choose adoption.  I briefly shared some of this with Jackson today.  He asked if the baby was going to be ours and I told him that we were going to pray about it and ask God and then the birth mommy was going to do the same.  He asked “why?” (shocker)!!!  So, I explained to him that only God knows who the right family is for this little baby.  Then Jackson asked if it was a boy and I told him yes.  He got a huge smile on his face and said “that’s what I want mommy, a boy!!!”  I love that little man.  He is going to make a great big brother (again) to a baby brother or sister someday.  In God’s time…..


6 thoughts on “In God’s time…

  1. One thing for sure is that I will be praying not only for the birth mom and family, but also for you guys! What a selfless and hard situation for you guys as well. Though it may not be as hard as the birth mom, preparing for a potential child can be so scary! But let’s be honest…. All that sweet baby needs is LOVE! Love you guys!

  2. Stephi, the way you write this stirs my heart! You and your family have been in my prayers – always. But, especially now for your journey. What a hard task to wait – be informed that it might be now – wait – maybe now – wait. You two are able to do this because of your love for each other and your desire to adopt a child. What excellent parents you are – and each day, week, month, year – I just see better parenting–if that is possible. Jackson and Halle are so blessed to have both of you! The ‘next’ one will truly be introduced into a loving, functioning, happy and God filled home. What a blessing for all! Thank you for sharing!! I will keep the prayers coming as will my family!! How exciting!!! Joan and family 🙂

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