One door closed is another door open….

Well, it’s about time for an update!!  Until today there wasn’t really much of an update on our end.  And there’s still not much to share, but definitely requesting prayers.  Today we received our first Profile Showing Notification.  Let me explain.  Throughout this process we have shared with our social worker a basic criteria in a birth mom and what we are willing to accept as far as the birth mom and baby’s health and well-being goes.  That being said, we also believe that we have to give up our control to God.  While I would love to be able to control a birth mom, her drug and alcohol exposure, her family history, etc., etc., etc, we cannot control that.  And if we wanted to control those things, we would just have another baby of our own.  But, that is not what God is calling us to do.  So, back to the Profile Showing Notification.  In most instances, we will not know our profile is being shared with a birth mom unless we are chosen.  But, sometimes there are instance where a birth mom might be slightly outside the parameters we’ve set.  This was the case in this instance.  Without going into too much detail, this sweet baby girl (due in 6 weeks) may have some predisposition to some severe mental illness.  Mark and I spent the day praying about whether or not we should have our profile shown to this family.  In the end, we’ve decided for many reasons that we do not believe this is God’s plan for us.  Saying “no” is hard and sad but we truly feel like there are two loving parents out there better equipped to bring this little one into their home.  Please pray for this birth family and baby girl, that she defies odds and lives a health and prosperous life in a loving family.

So, there’s our bit of an update.  Even though God has closed this door, He will open another….we are confident in that!!!!  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

On a slightly more uplifting note, we have a couple of amazing friends who are using their God given gifts to bless us.  We met Nikki and Brandon in our newly-marrieds group in Phoenix at our first church as a couple.  We’ve managed to stay in touch with them and they now live just about an hour away from us!  They are dear, dear friends.  Nikki has some amazing creative talents and has opened up an etsy shop to sell her products.  And, as an amazing surprise to us, they are donating 10% of their profits to our adoption.  Feel free to check out her site. 

This is a picture of me wearing my “adoption scarf”….an original Nikki creation. 🙂  She and her husband gave us this scarf to share with us how they felt led to bless our adoption.





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