Final approval is just weeks away!!!

Hi friends and family!


Well we don’t have a ton to report, but we have been making progress and it looks like we are going to make our goal of a Christmas approval. We met with our caseworker Rachel on Thursday. She will be conducting the “home” portion of our home study. Wednesday, December 11th is the in depth, at home interview where Rachel will meet with each of us individually for about 2 hours each. It sounds a little intimidating, but we’ve been told by many that it sounds worse than it is. :-). Then on Thursday, December 18th we will have our final interview, safety inspection and kid interviews. Hopefully Jackson doesn’t blow it for us. :-). Just kidding, the extent of his interview will be “can you show me your room?” and “are you excited for a new brother or sister?”  At which point he will insist he is having a brother named Jack. It should be interesting!  Our approval date should be December 19th!!!!!  Following that it’s going to be “hurry up and wait”. That’s when I think we’ll need the most prayers….mostly for patience and  that God’s timing and will will be done. Mark and I (okay, mostly me) may also need the occasional reminder that God already knows who our child is, we have no control, and His timing is perfect. It could take us from a week to a year or more and anywhere in between to meet our baby. Only God knows. We’ll keep you posted on our progress and will be sure to let you know when we get our final approval.  

One more side note. We originally thought we wanted a boy but changed our minds to be open to either gender. If you have any ideas for boy or girl names, we’d LOVE to hear them!!!  

Love you all. Stephanie 


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