Day #1 of Adoption Training- check!

Well we completed the first of a two day adoption training session mandated by the state of Colorado.  It was AWESOME.  Hope’s  Promise puts on a great training.  We are both excited and overwhelmed by the process.  What more is that we met a lot of great couples who are also beginning the adoption process and in the same boat as we are.  Nice to know we’re not alone.  

Some of our major take-aways from the training today:

-When people say that since we are adopting an infant and we wont have to deal with some of the major attachment issues, they are 100% wrong.  Infants, even adopted from the hospital at birth suffer the trauma of the most significant loss in their lives….the loss of their biological mother’s love.  

-We need to be a student of our child, teaching them to love and trust again.

-What may look like spoiling or coddling our adopted child is really our attempt at healing their heart.

-We learned about a process called TBRI, developed by the Institute of Child Development at TCU.  Adopted children cannot be parented or disciplined the same because of the loss they suffered so early on.

On the docket for tomorrow is an adoptive parent panel and a birth parent panel.  That should be good!

Please continue to pray for Mark and I in this process.  While it’s exciting and encouraging there is also a lot that causes us anxiety and fear.  I’ve been feeling some fear in this process, but as Pastor Ray said in his sermon last week, we just keep putting one foot in front of the other in the name of God and the clouds will part and His will will be done.  God is Good!!!!


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