One step closer….

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to post anything because the lady at the adoption agency here in the Springs was in Africa on an adoption mission. But, we had our first meeting in person with her last Wednesday and it went great.  In fact, it went so great that after a lot of reflection and prayer over the weekend, we’ve decided to go through this local agency for our home study (which we were already planning on doing) and the adoption!!  

Originally this local agency, Hope’s  Promise, was going to do our home study and then transfer our study to the agency in Florida who we would adopt from.  About halfway through our meeting with Hope’s Promise last week I started thinking, “why aren’t we going through them for everything?”  Finally, I asked the woman we were meeting with what it would look like to change tracks and go through them for everything.  Mark started laughing as soon as I began to speak because he was thinking the same thing.  We thought we had our path all figured out, but God knew better.  We know he brought us to that agency for a reason….we thought it was just to complete our home study, but He had a better idea.  🙂  What’s great is that all of the things we really loved about the agency in Florida we can get with this agency right here in Colorado.  Their thoughts, processes and stance on adoptions are right in line with ours.  It’s funny because this weekend, while talking about making this change, Mark and I kept thinking that this is just too easy.  Its everything we’re looking for in an adoption agency without the fear of unknown travel across the country to another state.  That was a daunting thought, especially for Mark.  Another reason why we think this is such a good move is because the people at Hope’s Promise are going to spend the next several months getting to know us REALLY well.  They will be invested in us and us in them.  It’s silly now to think we were going to “sever” that relationship and work with an agency in Florida that only knows us over the phone.  We feel like by knowing us better, Hope’s Promise will be better equipped to match us with the birth family that is right for us.  Although, we remind ourselves, God already knows who our child is.  It’s just the getting there that we are working through.  🙂

So, there’s my incredible long explanation on where we are at in this whole process.  We’ve got all our paperwork and have begun to fill it out.   We got fingerprinted last week at the police station (which Jackson thought was SUPER cool) and our prints are on our way to the FBI.  Hope we pass!!! 🙂  We are attending a two day training in a couple of weeks that will satisfy our required education hours for the state.  Just shuffling right along….

In typing this update I keep coming back to the privilege that is adoption.  We explained to Jackson this week that we are adopting.  He actually began the conversation by asking us if we were going to have another baby.  We said we were and he decided right then and there that we were to have a boy and name him Jack.  He’s so silly!  We went on to explain to him that he and Halle grew in mommy’s tummy and then came out when they were ready.  But, this time we were going to adopt a baby which meant another mommy was going to grow the baby in her tummy and then give the baby to us to take care of and love.  So that baby will grow in our hearts until we get to meet him/her.  We told him that we’re doing this because God calls us to adopt children whose mommy’s can’t take care of them.  He looked at me and patted my belly and said, “so there’s no baby in your tummy? And another mommy is going to give me my baby brother?”  We told him that was right and then he just went right on talking about his new baby brother named Jack.  I love that this whole adoption process is going to seem so “normal” to him.  Just a part of our family story….and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!!





2 thoughts on “One step closer….

  1. I so love Jackson’s reaction to this whole process! It will be great to watch him grow with all these changes because he is at such a vulnerable age!!!! What a great update;-) glad that you guys were able to find peace in a company that is more local and will essentially be easier on the whole family! Can’t wait for the next step!!!!! Xoxoxoxo

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