Moving right along…

Well the adoption process is moving right along.  At some point I’m sure we’ll be in the “waiting stage” but for now we’re keeping busy with lots of paperwork, tons of conversations with amazing people who are supporting us in this journey and more paperwork.  🙂 

Earlier this week our application for a homestudy was completed. Woohoo!!!  So, we will have our first administration meeting where we’ll get a ton more info on the process as well as more… guessed it….paperwork.  But, we’ve really hit the ground running with this and it’s my goal (this is my type A, über-competitive self speaking), that we will set a record for the quickest homestudy ever.  We’ll see how that goes!  

Yesterday I had an amazing conversation with the adoptive family advocate at the agency in Florida who we’ll be adopting through.  A conversation like the one we had was just what I needed on a day where  we were eye-ball deep in the finances of this all.  She was very uplifting and gave us great advice and suggestions in preparation for applying to their adoption program.  One suggestion she had was to work on our family picture album.  I knew this was a requirement but hadn’t thought much about it until last night.  I hopped on the laptop last night and began constructing our family photo album….our family in pictures.  It hit me hard. There are birth mom’s out there right now who are going to be, at some point, looking at this album of our family and deciding if our family is a good fit for her unborn child.  I found myself analyzing every picture, wanting it to be a good representation of what our family is, what we stand for and who we are.  Needless to say, a project I though would only take a couple of hours has now taken 4+ and after talking to my sweet friend today, I’ll be re-vamping the entire book tonight (all for good reason and wonderfully thoughtful suggestions).  It’s interesting, when I was pregnant with Jackson and Halle I spent time focusing on the fact that I was pregnant and how I was feeling, and things like the nursery colors and decor, baby gear that we needed and reorganizing furniture in the house to accommodate baby stuff. Now, as we embark on this journey we are preparing for the arrival of our next baby in a very different way.  We are filling out paperwork, talking and meeting with inspiring people and assembling a family photo album that has the overwhelming task of having to convey “our family” to a birth mom who is searching for a perfect fit for the greatest gift she could give anyone.  WOW!  I’ll stop there since I don’t want to ramble any further and scare you away from reading our blog.  :-). But, WOW!
I’ve read this quote in several places and it pretty much sums up what I’ve been feeling lately:
A child born to another woman calls me mommy.  The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me.- Jody Landers
God Bless you all.  We love you and thank you for your support!

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